Suggestions For PC Wire Safety In Handling, Storage and Installation

Prestressed concrete wire and strand require great caution because they can be easily damaged by improper handling, storage and installation. Users are urged to follow the following recommendations.

  1. The micro structure of steel and mechanical properties of the material may be changed if exposed to excessive heat. Therefore sources of heat should be avoided.
  2. Cutting should be done by a cutter or high speed disc. Avoid cutting with oxy-acetylene torches or welding electrodes because even a small spark will cause a defect in the wire at that point and this may cause the wire to fail under tension.
  3. Handling should be kept minimum.  Abrasion on concrete floor and scratches may change the material's mechanical characteristics and cause the wire under tension to break.
  4. For long storage, the material should be kept in dry warehouse with good ventilation.
  5. The material should not be laid on bare ground because contamination may cause slippage of the concrete.  Steel or wood pallets or rubber sheets should be provided.
  6. Do not bend the material in a very tight radius because this will cause a permanent bend.  Do not place heavy objects on the wire, and do not allow chemical and oil to come into contact with it.
  7. When under tension, do not sit, walk on or strike the wire since this may cause it to break.  Safety walls or guards around the anchorage ends are strongly recommended.
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