PC wire and PC strand in various specifications for you

About Us

Shandong Xingying Environmental Energy Technology Co. LTD is one of the leading manufacturers of PC wire and PC strand. Our PC Wire & PC Strand equipment and technical know-how is among the finest in the industry. Our PC wire and PC strand production process have strict quality inspection. So our product quality is guaranteed. All products must conform to Industrial Standards or International Standards. Prestressed concrete steel wire and strand have the advantages of higher fatigue, corrosion resistance and better performance at elevated temperature.

We offers major three types of PC wire including plain surface PC wire, spiral ribs PC wire and indented PC wire. Our PC wires are low relaxation and high tensile strength. They are widely used in reinforcement for concrete industry, such as large-span bridges on railway and highway, overhead crane beam, rock-soil anchoring Project, multi- storey industrial buildings, stadiums, coal mines and etc.

Our factory also exports PC strand, unbonded PC strand, galvanized steel strand, spring steel wire and high tensile wire. PC strand confirm to the technical standards such as GB/T 5223, GB/T 5224, ASTM A-416, BS 5896 and JIS G3536.

To ensure that all products quality confirm to international standard, strictly quality control is performed every step to products, starting from raw material sourcing through work in process and finish products. We continuously search for and apply new technology to improve productions processes to minimize pollution and waste.

With successfully applying the ISO 9001 quality management, together with continually developed the staff and apply new technology, we confidently can assure the products quality and customers satisfaction.